5 Good Reasons to Choose a Uniwell Point of Sale Solution

Uniwell embedded touchscreen POS solutions for Toowoomba, Roma, Charleville, Blackall, Kingaroy, Biloela, Emerald, Barcaldine, Longreach, Mount Isa, Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville

Uniwell Corporation continues to develop advanced POS equipment of the highest quality to suit hospitality venues big and small.

Consider these 5 reasons to choose Uniwell:

1. Robust, purpose-built embedded POS terminals

Uniwell’s embedded POS technology combines the advanced functionality found in many modern POS systems with the strengths of a cash register. The latest HX-series POS terminals benefit from bezel-free capacitive touchscreens and solid-state hardware, so there are no moving parts, no fans, no hard disk drive. This enhances the reliability and stability of the equipment, minimising service disruptions and downtime.

2. Proprietary software developed for hospitality

Being specifically designed for point of sale operation, Uniwell POS terminals are fast and user-friendly. The touchscreen layout is easy to set up and can be customised for your venue. Each Uniwell HX-series POS terminal includes advanced features that can be tailored to suit the specific operational and promotional needs of a wide variety of hospitality and food retail businesses.

3. Greater security due to Uniwell Corporation’s exclusive operating system

Another benefit of the proprietary software found in Uniwell point of sale terminals is the security it affords. The POS can’t be used to browse the internet or access other apps, so it is less likely to be misused or stolen. Because it is not reliant on a 3rd-party operating system, it is not susceptible to viruses, hacking or unexpected updates.

4. Designed with the benefit of 40 years of POS manufacturing experience

Uniwell Corporation released their first cash register in 1979, so they understand what is required in a POS terminal. But they are also innovators, always leading the development of new point of sale technology. Additionally, Uniwell Corporation is solely focused on POS – so their design resources are not stretched across large numbers of electronic products.

5. Australian designed back-office software completes the solution

Easy-to-use software allows back-office POS management and detailed analysis. From product data and price configuration, automated promotion control, touchscreen layout programming and comprehensive sales reporting, through to customer account tracking and inventory, Uniwell Lynx is the user-friendly POS management tool developed to meet your business needs!


Uniwell4POS - Uniquely Uniwell

Uniwell4POS is an Australian initiative that combines Uniwell’s advanced POS technology with quality peripherals and versatile back-office software to create a point of sale solution designed to benefit your venue

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