POS Solution Consultancy

At POSLynx, our aim is to provide a solution that fits. So if you ask us to help you find a POS system to suit your business and we can’t supply one, we’ll let you know, point you in the right direction and, if we can, share some ideas on what to look for in a suitable solution for your situation and budget.

POSLynx can install and support integrated Uniwell POS solutions for businesses through regional Queensland

In today’s challenging environment, every dollar matters for small businesses. Investing wisely in tools that can help you improve your business could prove to be the difference between survival and failure. This is particularly the case in the hospitality and food retail sectors, where competition and operating costs continue to increase, and finding and retaining customers is an ever-present challenge.

But did you know that the modern POS terminal should be an integral component of your ongoing hospitality or retail success? 

Here are 5 key areas where improved POS technology is having a direct impact on the bottom line of many businesses:

1. Reliability and operational speed Reduces system downtime and service delays, allowing greater customer throughput
2. Process automation Increases efficiency and simplifies training required for new or casual staff
3. Improved in-house integration Minimises errors that waste time, cost money and impact on customer satisfaction
4. Modern customer engagement Improves promotional opportunities and actively encourages repeat business
5. Enhanced data for venue analysis Provides tangible evidence of where ongoing refinements can be made in venue operation


POSLynx aims to provide quality Point of Sale systems that have a positive impact on Queensland businesses – please contact us to help you find a POS solution that works for you

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